Rendezvous of the Greats - A Juried Contest of Elegance


Entry Policies

Concours d’Elegance - Rendezvous of the Greats drivers are expected to compete in a gentlemanly spirit of fair play, with respect for their competitors, the cars, these Regulations, and Chattanooga MotorCar Festival and the event location property. Participation in the Rendezvous of the Greats does not require a competition license. A valid state issued driver’s license is required if operating a vehicle. All Drivers must present a copy of their drivers license attached to their Application for Entry.




  1. Brass and Tin pre-1920

  2. Prewar American Classic

  3. Prewar American Sports

  4. Prewar European Classic

  5. Prewar European Sports

  6. Authentic Hot Rods and Customs

  7. Custom Vintage Motorcycle

  8. Postwar American Classic

  9. Postwar American Sports

  10. Postwar European Classic

  11. Postwar European Sports

  12. American Muscle

  13. Racers

  14. Showcars and Prototypes Display only

  15. Modern Supercar Display only